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Ajanta Oy is one of the leading independent Finnish family owned investment companies. The privately-owned firm was founded in 1989 by Mr. Ari Salmivuori, a successful Finnish investor and entrepreneur. The company is headquartered from Helsinki, Finland, with a subsidiary office in Brussels, Belgium.


During the past Ajanta has been the lead catalyst in several major cross border transactions and corporate development activities.


The vision of Ajanta is to be the leading, most dynamic and successful professional investment organization in its class with Finnish roots and global focus. The investment philosophy of Ajanta is to proactively build, create and extract maximum value via active participation, substantial ownership and partnering, Targets could be companies in various phases of the life cycle and different sectors.




Portfolio investments

Ajanta is currently an active owner/investor in more than 10 companies. The core of the current investments is in unlisted and listed companies primarily within the retail, technologies, and finance sectors and real-estates in Finland and abroad.


Our investment philosophy


Ajanta has a long and successful track record in creating substantial financial value. Ajanta's philosophy is based on active ownership and corporate development activities that are focused on creating maximum shareholder value and financial gain and success.


Ajanta thus invests in significant listed and non-listed companies, with no preferably geographical scope, no specific focus on certain sectors or branches, or in which stage of the life cycle the target company is. The common denominator should be significant opportunities to create value through active involvement and participations and partnerships with best industry specialists within Ajanta`s network.


In achieving these targets Ajanta uses its broad and substantial domestic and international network and builds its strategy on rapid, systematic and professional execution. This chosen path allows Ajanta to create and execute both long-term holdings as well as opportunistic, shorter-term participations. Ajanta will continue to actively build operations and scale and thus strengthen the firm’s core competencies

Exited Investments


Amer Sports Oyj

During 2007 Ajanta became the largest shareholder in Amer Sports Oyj. Amer is one of the leading global sports equipment and brand houses owning such brands as Salomon, Wilson and Atomic. Ajanta made its exit from Amer during 2008 through a sale of its ownership to Novator.



Saunalahti Oyj

Ajanta played a key role in the creation of Saunalahti Oyj, the third largest telecommunication company in Finland. Ajanta was the main investor in one of the original ISP’s that formed Saunalahti in 1998. In 2005 Ajanta led the negotiations in the 300 MEUR structuring that led to the acquisition of Saunalahti by Elisa Oyj.



Janton Oyj

Janton was founded by Ajanta and partners in 1992. Through systematic corporate development Janton became one of the major media companies in Finland. In Helsinki stock Exchange the stock was placed in the Top 10 lists of the most profitable stocks. The company was sold in 2003 to a fund controlled by Bank of America. Ajanta acted as the key strategist in the process of taken Janton public.



Office in Helsinki:

Ajanta Oy


Pohjoisranta 4 A 1

00170 Helsinki,  Finland

Tel +358 (0)9 677 151

Fax +358 (0)9 677 120



Ari Salmivuori

Chairman of the Board

Mobile +358 (0)45 100 1199


Lauri Pietarinen

Chief Executive Officer

Mobile +358 (0)40 737 5394


Guy Reinikainen

Chief Operating Officer

Mobile +358 (0)40 5322 046


Janne Tallgren

Property Manager

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Marika Biström

Financial Manager

Mobile +358 (0)50 531 4048


Alexandra Zavadskaya

Financial Analyst

‭Mobile +358 (0)45 113 3113‬


Mikko Salmivuori


Mobile +358 (0)45 114 4114

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City of Helsinki


Helsinki is a growing, innovative metropolis, well connected

to both Europe and the developing Eastern markets.

In coming years, Helsinki will implement a large number of major city

development projects. Some of these are located at the very centre of the

city as old ports and railway yards are transformed into modern residential

and business locations. This provides exciting opportunities for builders,

investors and all businesses in need of modern, well-located premises.


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